Studio Head

There's a lot in my head. I'm letting it out. My creative process, inspiration and the artistic world we live in.


Eileen Murray
New Jersey

Bio: I am a painter, printmaker, colorist, designer...I'm an artist. I see the world in my own way, as we all do. I need to capture it visually and explore my impressions and ideas through whatever medium calls for it. My studio is in my house, and also in my head. Sometimes I don't know it, but I'm creating all the time. When I walk into the studio, I'm already in the middle of the process. I work intuitively. Really, I play intuitively, because art is not work for me. It is an expression of the truest part of me, and I get both lost and found in it. When creating, I often feel as though I'm working a puzzle or solving a riddle. The right color, stroke, medium or image is waiting. My job is to find it, and I know when I do.

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One comment on “About

  1. Judith Hugg-Eckhard
    February 3, 2015

    YOU NEED TO DO MORE BLOGS! These are wonderful, and really define the funny, chaotic, mysterious, fabulous process that is ART! Please do more stuff; I love it, as I struggle to understand my own “nervous breakdown on a page” that is my OWN art!

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