Studio Head

There's a lot in my head. I'm letting it out. My creative process, inspiration and the artistic world we live in.

Studio Mess

Eileen Murray's studio - madness reigns

I have a love hate relationship with my messy studio. A mess means I’m in a creative frenzy, can’t work fast enough, ideas are flowing faster than I can make them – I’m in the zone. I love that! It also means I can’t find that one critical tool or medium (or my cat – she hates that). Projects bleed into one another – literally. The black paint gets on the white canvas, things get stuck to each other, I get stuck to things, etc. Sometimes the frenzy begins when I’m wearing “good” clothes, i.e., clothes that don’t have paint on them. Yet. And new paint clothes are born.

But I don’t work neat – that’s the bottom line. Sometimes I pay for it (reference ruined clothes above) but usually it’s all good. Working on a lot of pieces at once keeps me from overworking any one of them. But the best part is the zone, being lost in art. When I get lost, I find me.

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