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Inspiration: Circle

City Glass by Eileen Murray

City Glass by Eileen Murray

I often get asked where my art inspiration comes from. Everywhere and everything seems a bit too broad, although not totally inaccurate.  So I’m breaking it down.  This could be end up being a lot of blogs!

I love circles. I photograph them, I paint them, I doodle them, I print them – well, you get the idea.

Why?  Well, I suppose if I delved deep into my psyche, they signify completion, a sense of wholeness.  Which could be true.  But like most of my inspiration, my visual attention is captured without thinking (or delving).  When hiking with my husband in New Mexico, I decided to photograph all the circles I found in nature. I became a woman possessed and continued my circle hunt into Santa Fe, Tucson – essentially the rest of the vacation. Thank you, patient husband.

I use them in my art, sometimes consciously, sometimes not, and sometimes not at all.  When I do, it’s often as a half circle or arc, that seems to gently connect and enclose the piece, while creating a sense of mystery.

Coming soon to this blog near you – Full Circle 2013: Reflections. A celebration of 20 years of the Matheny Arts Access Program and the talented artists who participate in it.  The work they create has expanded me creatively, and is perhaps my most significant source of inspiration.

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