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My first creative effort

Me with art from my youth. Don't judge.

Me with art from my youth. Don’t judge.

I’ve been thinking about my first art piece. At least the first one I can remember. I’m guessing I was six or so. My medium was red crayon, and my canvas was the wall in my bedroom. The subject matter was a house, a very large house I recall, since I reached as high as I could while standing on my bed to draw the chimney.

Little did I know, my parents would not be pleased by the budding artist they had no idea they were harboring. In this day of digital media, I’m sure parents would have taken a photo of the masterpiece that appeared on their walls, prior to the subsequent punishment, of course. Unfortunately, mine were too angry to think of grabbing the Polaroid and recording this historic event.

I think my punishment was to be sent to my room. Ha ha!  Unfortunately for them, they overlooked a stray crayon and I continued in a creative frenzy.


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