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There's a lot in my head. I'm letting it out. My creative process, inspiration and the artistic world we live in.

Studio Mess

I have a love hate relationship with my messy studio. A mess means I’m in a creative frenzy, can’t work fast enough, ideas are flowing faster than I can make … Continue reading

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Awake and Dreaming

Woke up at 4:30am. So unlike me. Yesterday I woke at 3am, which is even more unlike me. Apparently I have things on my mind, but nothing that requires an … Continue reading

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Why Shoes?

Why am I painting shoes? The snarky answer would be “why not?” Or “because they’re there.” But this is not a snarky blog and actually neither answer is accurate. My … Continue reading

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Inspiration: Circle

I often get asked where my art inspiration comes from. Everywhere and everything seems a bit too broad, although not totally inaccurate. ┬áSo I’m breaking it down. ┬áThis could be … Continue reading

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My first creative effort

I’ve been thinking about my first art piece. At least the first one I can remember. I’m guessing I was six or so. My medium was red crayon, and my … Continue reading

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About Face

My one and only self-portrait. So I made it a good one. Eileen through the ages, if you will. I had so much fun with this one.

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Yes, I’m blogging

I’m at a loss for words. I realize blogging is not going away, so I’m pushing through the fear. Actually I’m being pushed through the fear. By my “friend.” You … Continue reading

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Where it all happens

My studio. Otherwise known as nirvana.

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